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I'm excited to showcase the ongoing project for NoFire, where I'm crafting a dynamic website to inform and engage visitors. Through this endeavor, I've had the opportunity to explore and leverage all the latest features in Figma, pushing the boundaries of design and functionality.

From wireframing to prototyping, I'm utilizing Figma's robust toolkit to bring NoFire's vision to life. I invite you to stay tuned for updates on the NoFire project as it evolves. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or feedback.


Looking ahead, once this design phase is complete, my next step is to seamlessly transition the website design from Figma to WordPress. I'm thrilled about the technical possibilities this process offers and eager to explore the functionalities of Figma's dev mode in practice. If anyone is interested in discussing these exciting developments or has insights to share, I'd love to connect and delve deeper into the topic.


Frontpage view for destop

Products page view for tablet

Subsequently, I advanced to crafting the visual aesthetics, establishing a preliminary design system, and refining wireframes. I also developed initial prototypes for user feedback, which I gathered from both the client and my network of friends and colleagues.


At this juncture, approximately half of the pages boast finalized content, although the design remains adaptable based on the feedback I've received.

I began by engaging in discussions with the client and thoroughly examining their current website. Together, we explored the desired impact and expectations for the new site.


Primarily, the client seeks increased user engagement and aims to provide visitors with more comprehensive information to lower the barrier for reaching out. We deliberated on the necessary content and its organization, crafting rough sketches and user journeys at this stage.

I'm open to new projects and collaborations. If you have a creative idea, need assistance in project planning, or seek consultation, feel free to reach out. Drop a message below or book a meeting, and let's discuss how we can create something amazing together!

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