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School project and future plans


Cat breeders



The desktop application significantly improved the efficiency of cat breeders' record-keeping processes, achieving notable results such as time savings and enhanced organization. Positive user experiences reinforced the application's impact on the breeding community.

The application I developed during a university course aimed to facilitate the daily lives of cat breeders. During the course, I didn't pay particular attention to the visual design, and in retrospect, it has become apparent that while the app addresses some challenges faced by breeders, there is still much room for improvement.

Breeders could benefit from expanding the functionality of the application. My goal is to add a calendar feature that serves as a reminder for important events and the ability to store documents. This feature would allow for easy organization and management of breeding-related documents. I also intend to include a pedigree and information about the owners of the cats.

I envision the application also serving as a means of communication among breeders and as a kind of personal service for cat owners. This way, breeders could share information, experiences, and tips.

It's important to note that this application is not limited to cat breeding alone. I could extend the functionality of the software to serve other pets as well. This would enable versatile use and cater to the needs of owners of various types of animals.

In summary, while the original application has already brought relief to cat breeders, my goal is to continue its development by adding user-friendly and useful features. To make the application truly practical, it's imperative to create a mobile version. This would ensure accessibility and convenience for breeders who are often on the move, allowing them to manage their breeding activities seamlessly from their mobile devices.

During my studies in computer science, I conceptualized and implemented an application aimed at assisting cat breeders in tracking the growth of their kittens. While I hadn't delved into UX design at the time, the project provided valuable insights and indicated the right direction. The process involved interviewing cat breeders, understanding their operations, and identifying potential challenges. The application, currently in test use by a few breeders, reflects a tool tailored for their specific needs.



The program serves as a comprehensive tool for cat breeders, specifically monitoring the weight development of kittens up to the adoption age of 14 weeks. It generates growth curves for individual kittens, entire litters, or multiple litters for easy comparison. Additionally, each litter has an integrated diary feature where breeders can make notes. The diary automatically calculates the age of kittens for each entry.

I'm open to new projects and collaborations. If you have a creative idea, need assistance in project planning, or seek consultation, feel free to reach out. Drop a message below or book a meeting, and let's discuss how we can create something amazing together!

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