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Usability testing and reporting


Procurement comparison


Wellbeing region



Adusso Oy was tasked with evaluating the usability of social welfare systems for a procurement comparison.

In this social welfare procurement process, Saga Sosiaalihuolto (Mediconsult) was ranked first in terms of weighted quality comparison points. The procurement was for a social welfare client information system and related services. The objective of the procurement unit was to purchase a social welfare client information system that supports the development of social welfare services and operations in the well-being regions in which the organization operates, and that meets national requirements. The selection criterion for the offers was the overall cost-effectiveness based on the best price-to-quality ratio. The total comparative price of the procurement, excluding value-added tax, was €3.565.488.


In conclusion, comprehensive evaluation process, which included professional users and usability professionals, provided a holistic view of the system's performance. The evaluation results were used to inform the procurement decision, ensuring that the chosen system would be effective, efficient, and error-free for social welfare professionals and the people they serve.


Based on the evaluation results, we were able to provide a comprehensive report on the usability of the different systems being considered for procurement. The report included insights and recommendations that were used to inform the procurement decision. In particular, the report highlighted areas where the different systems performed well and areas where improvements could be made. This information was critical in helping the procurement team make an informed decision that would ultimately benefit social welfare professionals and the people they serve.


To ensure a comprehensive evaluation, we built a usability laboratory and conducted tests with social welfare professionals. The tests involved two test subjects at a time, with three pairs tested per day over three days. The evaluation process was recorded using screen recordings, keyboard and mouse clicks, and discussions that were time-stamped.To form the evaluation, we made notes on the progress of the test tasks and any potential errors in a log. The evaluation criteria included effectiveness, error-free operation, and efficiency. Effectiveness was measured based on the number of tasks completed successfully within the allotted time frame. Error-free operation was measured based on the number of errors made by the test subjects when completing the tasks. Efficiency was measured based on the number of steps taken to complete the task.


Professional users are experts in their field and can give valuable feedback based on their experience and expertise with social welfare systems. They provide feedback on the practical aspects of the systems, such as their usefulness in a real-world setting, how well they support their workflow, and how easy they are to navigate. They can also provide feedback on how well the system meets their needs and how well it integrates with the existing systems and processes.

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